6 products we can’t live without

Leaving the house without your wallet or phone can almost feel like a part of you is missing. While I’m trying to limit my tech-addiction, there are a few things I won’t even try to limit their use. These 6 items make my daily life a little easier, happier, and healthier.


Bye Bye Dry Balm:  Pesky skin cracks? Dry patches? Burns? Runner’s chafe?  Bye Bye Dry helps them all.  It instantly ends the painful throbbing of skin cracks (always my thumbs- why is that?), painlessly helps heal burns and rashes too. Certified organic, gluten-free, fragrance-free, made in the USA. $11.99

Natural Cotton Soap Bag: Cleaning the shower is my least favorite chore. At least we eliminate soap gunk (pretty sure that’s the technical name) from the shower with this natural cotton soap bag. Easily hangs in shower and holds a full bar of soap. Use one side for regular washing, or use the tighter weaved side as a loofah. Machine washable. Fair-trade. $3.50

Water Element Restore Facial Moisturizer: Between the incredibly cold weather and the dry air inside, my skin needs a moisture boost this winter. Admittedly, I was pretty lax about washing my face before bed until I started using Green Envee’s homeopathic skin care. It’s become the nightly ritual I savor as much as my morning coffee. Gluten-free, Nut-free, Made in the USA. $15- $115 (click here to learn more about the benefits of homeopathic skin care)

Yoreganics Soap Nuts:  Let’s face it, occasionally  the laundry doesn’t make it into the dryer the same day it was washed.  Which, of course, leaves a gross smell on the clothes.  Don’t cover it with artificial fragrance, Yoreganics soap nuts completely eliminate the smell…fragrance-free.  Works perfect for eliminating sweat-odors from anti-wicking materials, workout clothes, even hockey uniforms (that’s tough!).   Certified Organic, Gluten-free, Vegan,  Fragrance-Free. $2.99-$14.99

Baby Buddha Bowl: If I could only have one bowl, this would be it. Multi-purpose, multi-sensational! Starts my day with morning coffee, then lunchtime soup, perfect for an afternoon snack, and then a nighttime bowl of cereal. Dishwasher safe, Made in the USA. $24.95

Root Chakra Essential Oil Blend: With sump pumps breaking, the never-ending Polar Vortex, and snow days, life’s been a little chaotic lately. While I use all of the essential oil blends regularly, the Root Chakra blend has gone with me everywhere this past week. Bringing balance and awareness to the first chakra is keeping me grounded, supporting my immune system, and helping maintain energy. Made in the USA. $15-$115


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