Tired of winter = hot sale

I’m almost to my breaking point with these sub-zero temperatures.  Even dreaming of a beach getaway doesn’t help since half of the flights are grounded.  So, how can we get through another wave of these cold, cold temperatures?  With a hot sale!

beach pic

vapur ssRemind yourself that there are warmer temperatures ahead with the Vapur Sunrise or Sunset bottles.

Made in the USA, dishwasher safe, freezable, and collapsible.

 Hot Deal: They’re each only $5.00 until February 8th.

love is in the airFeeling romantic by the fireplace or cozying under blankets?

Love is in the Air is our SpaRitual steal at only $6.00 (until Feb. 8th).

Made in the USA, DBP/Formaldehyde/Toluene-free, Vegan.

PandaPuzzleCooped-up in the house with extended snow days?  The whole family can stay busy with this 500 piece puzzle- “I Need A Hug’.

Each piece is embedded with wildflower seeds.  So, when you’re finished, plant a few pieces and by the time they start to grow it’ll be time to plant the rest outside!

Made in the USA.

Hot Deal: reg. $15.00, on sale $7.95.  limited quantities available.


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