9 Valentine Gifts Under $10

Maybe I’m a romantic, but I’ve never considered Valentine’s Day a “Hallmark Holiday.”  I figure with all of the horrible news in the media, what’s wrong with a day of reminding each other we love them?  Plus, with the never-ending cold weather, we could use a little something special to warm our hearts.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean over the top spending, which is why we found 9 great gifts under $10. Perfect for those who make your heart happy, or even for yourself!


1. Huge, expensive flower bouquets aren’t necessary. MyVaz collapsible vases add fun to a few favorite flowers. And, it folds flat when not in use for convenient storage. 12 patterns available. $7.95

2. Now they can showcase their love for sports, awareness ribbons, or favorite drinks with cool Jazzy Pop-Can charms. Made from recycled cans, these original charms clip onto keychains, backpacks, bracelets, or zipper pulls. Made in the USA. $5.00

3. Recycled pewter inspirational plates are ideal for holding loose change, jewelry, or under a candle. “What Your Sign” represents all twelve astrological signs. Made in the USA. On Sale: $5.00

4. Like your flowers a little more personal? Customize your own upcycled bouquet with your favorite book (sonnets?!), song, or maps of special places. Made in the USA. $3.00 per stem.

5. This Eco-Valentine card kit has everything needed to create 25 sustainable cards. Great for classroom parties too! On Sale: $9.95

6. Unique on its own, or as a creative package, this seeded heart box is perfect for tucking little notes or chocolates inside. When Spring finally comes, plant the box to grow wildflowers. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! $2.75

7. Days of Wine and Roses. Need we say more?! Vegan, DBP-Tolune-Formaldehyde free. Made in the USA. $9.00

8. Here’s a great idea for the kids to make…a flower pot kit created from recycled tires. Use the finished pot for planted flowers, desk accessories, toy cars, or even the remote control! Made in the USA. $9.95

9. Ok, it’s not tickets to Hawaii, but it does make us think of warmer weather and a beach vacation. Warm their heart with the Sunrise or Sunset Vapur bottle. Collapsible, dishwasher & freezer safe. Made in the USA. On sale (through 2/8/14) $5.00


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