Top 5 posts from January

We understand.  Life is busy and your to-do lists are a mile long.  We do the same thing: don’t have time to read a great post so we bookmark it for later.  But, when later rolls around there’s unplanned snow days, holiday returns, and Big Bang Theory shows to catch up on. that it’s February and we’re settling into 2014, here’s a recap of our 5 most popular posts of January.

1.  Looks like another wave of mass snow is heading our way, and it just may lead to another day or two off of school.  Be prepared with activities for snowed-in days with four Things to Do When You’re Stuck Inside.

2. Perhaps you’re an optimist and believe Spring is right around the corner. Whether you’re starting your spring-cleaning early, or just ready to wash away winter, skip the harsh chemicals. Everything you need to clean your home from top to bottom can be found right in your kitchen. Pick up some new ideas with Cleaning Tricks Using Ingredients From Your Pantry.

3. Still looking for Valentine’s Day ideas that show you care without draining your wallet? You’ll love these 9 Valentine’s Day Gifts under $10. You’ll find something for him, for her, for the kids, even an idea for the classroom party.

4. We don’t need blue satin sashes or packages tied up with string, but we don’t want to be without these 6 Products We Can’t Live Without!

5. What was our most-popular January post? Natural Ways to Alleviate Sinus Pain topped the charts. Find relief for sinus pressure, headaches, and even sinus related tooth pain without constantly reaching for over-the-counter pills.

Bonus! Ok, this one was actually written in back in September, but it continues to make the most-read chart each month. What is everyone interested in learning? 20 Uses for Coconut Oil.

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