New Made in the USA Gift Sets

Finding the perfect gift can be tricky.  Or, it used to be.  You’ve been asking for more gift sets and we are happy to say they’re here!  Three new gift sets featuring some our Made in the USA favorites.

imageThe Ultimate Gift Set is ideal for the special someone in your life- especially if that someone is you! The Ultimate Gift Set contains everything you need to make your daily life greener while you’re on the go. Includes: 1L Vapur, Baby Buddha Bowl, .5L Vapur, Green Envee Organic Lotion, Yoreganics Soap Nuts, SpaRitual Vegan Polish, Wayfarer Non-GMO Soy Candle, Eco-Lips Balm, Endangered Species Organic Chocolate, and a handy Hat Pouch.

imageIf you worry about keeping toxins away from your kids, the Green Teen Set eliminates your concern. They won’t even know the awesome polish and lip gloss are vegan, gluten-free, and toxin-free…they’ll fall in love with it for the great colors and fruit-infused gloss. Teens are busy today and this Green Teen Set helps provide healthier choices during their long days. Set includes: 1L Vapur Bottle, Baby Buddha Bowl, SpaRitual Vegan Lip Gloss, SpaRitual Vegan Polish, Jazzy Pop-Can Charm, Green Envee Essential Oil Spray, and an Organic T-Shirt Bag.

imageNot sure which incredible Favor the Earth product to try first? Want to see Yoreganics awesome stain remover for yourself? Can’t believe Soap Nuts really eliminate nasty workout odors from clothes? We understand. That’s why you’ll love our new Sample Set. Same great Made in the USA eco-friendly products, just in smaller sizes. Perfect to take on the go or when traveling. Sample Set includes Yoreganics Soap Nuts, Yoreganics Stain Remover, Eco-Lips Pure & Simple Balm, Two Brothers Beer Soap, SpaRitual Vegan Mini-Polish, Endangered Species Organic Chocolate, Green Envee Organic Lotion, and an Organic Cotton T-Shirt Bag.

Want to make every month feel special? Don’t forget about our 6 & 12-month gift club!


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