How to find more time in your day

Ever drop into bed and realize that it’s the first time you’ve sat down all day, but yet it feels like nothing was accomplished?  We all have the same 24 hours in our day, but managing that time effectively is difficult. How can we find time for work, kids, laundry, cooking, exercise, cleaning, and oh yeah, tackling the stack of books we’d love to read someday? time-sinkholes can help turn your day from “Sidetrack Sally” to “Productive Penny.”

Reclaim those minutes (or hours) that are normally wasted waiting, or searching, to check off another to-do list item.

⌚Trying to find more time to read? Keep a book, magazine, or tablet in your purse or car. Transform the annoyance of being stuck at a freight train crossing or waiting for an appointment into an opportunity to finish another chapter.

⌚Designating a full hour for exercise may not be in the cards today. That’s ok. Do a few squats while brushing your teeth. Walk up the stairs backwards on one of your upteen trips.  Or, lunge walk the hamper to the laundry room.

⌚Use commercial breaks as a 2 minute motivator! Remember when we couldn’t fast-forward through the ads? Challenge yourself (and the kids) to put away toys, clear off a counter, do jumping jacks, or crunches before the show resumes.

⌚Rushing to various sports & activities? Designate a bag for each activity: water bottles, cleats, shin guards, all of their gear in one place, ready to go. Keep an “activity bag” for yourself too: extra snacks, book/magazine, or tennis shoes. An hour waiting for their practice to end can become an hour learning a new language, crocheting, filtering emails, or “power walking” around the building for you.

image⌚Keep a reminder binder. Pocket dividers serve as important “don’t forget” holders: permission slips, bills, upcoming concerts. Use one divider for each month & then additional dividers for every day of the month. Permission slip due on the 16th? File it on the 15th so you aren’t scrambling the morning it’s needed.

⌚Eliminate “for now.” Placing items on the counter, chair, or stairs “for now” instead of immediately putting them where they belong just makes for more work later.

⌚Set a timer. It’s easy to plan on checking one email and find yourself 45 minutes later on Pinterest looking up a recipe for dinner. Set a timer for 15 minutes to finish one task (reading emails, cleaning the basement, finishing a spreadsheet) without allowing yourself distractions of the phone or texts.

⌚Use long telephone calls to clean the bathroom or dust. Maybe you spent thirty minutes catching up with an old friend, but you’ll also have sparkling faucets!

⌚Microwave time seems like its own time-warp. Don’t idly wait while reheating coffee. In the 25 seconds you can load the dishwasher. Disinfecting the kitchen sponge? Use that one minute to empty the garbage or do wall push-ups.

Find more tips on 60 second workouts here.
What’s your favorite trick for creating more time in your day?

Multitasking mom photo credit.


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