Is your skin care killing our fish

Years ago scientists began finding tiny plastic beads in our lakes and oceans. They quickly discovered that the millions of particles they were finding linked to common skin care products. And now, these same microbeads have turned up not only in the Great Lakes, but inside the lake fish.

Sure, we all want soft, smooth skin, especially during the drying winter months. While exfoliating with petroleum-based microbeads may tackle your dry-patches, it’s also creating a toxic effect for aquatic life.

It’s conceivable that one bottle of scrub contains almost 1 million microbeads. Obviously they’re small enough to easily go down the drain, but they’re also small enough to pass through filtration systems straight into larger bodies of water.

So, if companies have known for some time that these microbeads aren’t a safe ingredient, why are they still using them? They’re cheap.  As we well know, though, too often creating an inexpensive product outweighs the expense caused to the environment.

microbeadsHow do you know if your scrub contains microbeads? Not all products are as obvious as Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure Microbead Cream Scrub. So, check the ingredients for “polyethylene.”

Or, you can eliminate the hassle of checking labels and choose Green Envee Organics Micro-Bamboo Facial Exfoliator. Instead of using petroleum-based microbeads, eliminate dry patches with sustainable (and biodegradable) bamboo powder to rejuvenate your skin, reduce fine lines, and fight free-radicals.

imageAdditionally, Green Envee Organics Micro-Bamboo Facial Exfoliator is vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and nut-free.



3 responses to “Is your skin care killing our fish

  1. Thank you for drawing attention to this. Bravo.

  2. Thank you, Sue! I wish more companies were conscientious about their ingredients and their effects on the environment.

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