Disposable lunch containers

I know,  I know…disposable isn’t synonymous with eco-friendly. Reusable containers are certainly the best choice when packing lunches and snacks on the go. There are occasions though- fieldtrips, camp, & sometimes traveling- when disposable is necessary.

That doesn’t mean that you have to resort to styrofoam or questionable used take-out containers.

Keep these on hand for those disposable days without adding to landfills.

bio pakBio Pak® Take Out Boxes are made in the USA and are 100% recycled with a leak and grease resistant poly liner. How great are these? They’re also FDA approved for direct food contact and endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association.

Ideal for sending family & friends home with leftovers too! $0.75

wexy bagYoung ones love sharing lunch with these adorable monsters. More than just a fun bag, Wexy Bags are made in the USA, biodegradable, and BPA-free. Each box contains 28 bags.

Perfect for goody bags too! on sale $3.95

kraft tie tinNeed a smaller bag for snacks? Try the Kraft Tie Tin Bags. Also made in the USA, 100% biodegradable and compostable. Great for carrying bananas and healthy treats on the go. $0.45


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