Why you need to find a hobby

Sure. Between work, kids, spouses, errands, and never-ending chores we need to add a hobby to the list too? Finding time for yourself isn’t topping your to-do list? Maybe it’s time to prioritize a few items.  Creating pleasure-time for yourself isn’t a luxury, it may actually benefit your reproductive system health.

We can easily understand a sore ankle after slipping on the ice. Or, expecting a bruise after walking into the corner of a table. But we often overlook physical symptoms created from emotional stress.

Trouble saying no to requests? Feel like you never have time for yourself? Struggling to find your true identity or passion in life?

Maybe you’ve been a bit irritable, overly emotional, or lacking confidence?

It may not be coincidental that you experience low back pain, painful menstrual cramps, fibroids, prostate issues, or frequent bladder infections.

Emotions and thoughts can physically manifest within our bodies. And, it may be time to stimulate energy in your second/sacral chakra.

This energy system (chakra) encompasses the region of our body below the navel to the sacrum. Anatomically, this area holds our reproductive system, kidneys, urinary tract, and also affects the endocrine system.

Frequent issues with these organs may indicate a need to awaken the second chakra’s energy (on the contrary, too much energy within the second chakra often depicts addictive behaviors).

2nd chakraBring awareness to your second chakra by adding accents of orange (to wardrobe or decor), increasing orange foods (think fruits & peppers, not Cheetos!) into your diet, or incorporating essential oils into your daily routine.

Sacral Chakra Essential Oil Blend is specifically designed to support the second chakra’s energy. Apply directly to your navel region, simply inhale, add a drop or two to a warm bath, or add to the aroma vaporizer to benefit the entire room.

The Sacral Chakra Essential Oil Blend is also available in a convenient spray for use in your car, office, or anywhere on the go.

Photo Credit: Green Child Magazine

Photo Credit: Green Child Magazine

Honor your emotional and physical well-being with hobbies that bring you pleasure or inspire creativity: write, read, sing, paint, garden, kickbox, dance, skip, yes- even sex.

Building even fifteen pleasurable minutes into your day can increase energy in your second chakra, and improve your emotional and reproductive system health.


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