Hats off to these amazing women

Saturday, March 8th, is International Women’s Day.  Created in 1911 to honor the economic, political, and social achievements of women, this year’s theme is Inspiring Change. There are undoubtably hundreds of women who will gain national (and worldwide) recognition for their contributions- I love that Michelle Obama’s White House garden is the first vegetable garden since Eleanor Roosevelt resided there.

But, there are thousands of unrecognized women who continually labor to make a difference in the world. So, we’re honoring 8 creative women who strive to make our lives greener. These women didn’t simply wish for healthier, safer products…they created them.

earthSisters, Christine Pesout and Jenny Donaldson, wrote and illustrated The Earth, The Alphabet, and Me which provides 26 (A-Z) fun ways for kids to help our environment. From conservation, to recycling, to creating craft projects with reused objects, your kids will have a blast, and enjoy their important role in protecting our Earth.

bye bye dryAfter noticing her daughter’s strong reactions to synthetic fragrances and her onset of eczema, Kim Mendes realized someone needed to take responsibility for the ingredients we use in daily life. That somebody, of course, was her! Based on her philosophy to “revisit simple, like the days of yore, when Mother Nature’s ingredients were used to heal our bodies naturally,” Kim created Yoreganics. In addition to the fabulous (organic, allergy free, vegan, gluten-free) laundry detergent and stain remover, her Bye Bye Dry is one our best sellers and tops my “must have” list. Bye Bye Dry alleviates dry, chapped skin, eczema, rashes, soothes burns, stops painful cracked skin, and helps heal life’s scrapes.

pieboxImagine, you’ve stayed up late baking a gorgeous pie for your friend’s dinner party, and now you realize that you don’t have a way to safely transport it.  That was pastry chef Adrienne Blumthal’s dilemma.  So, she created the PieBox.  Handmade from raw (chemical-free) pine, the PieBox will keep your 9″ pie safe whether you’re traveling on foot, train, car, or even bike!

keekiThe day always comes when our little girls grow up and want to try their own lipsticks and nail polishes.   Natalie Bauss knew she didn’t want her daughter using toxic cosmetics, so she created her own line designed with our young daughters in mind.  Thus, Keeki (named for daughter) Pure & Simple was born.  Lip shimmers have enough color to feel grown-up, but subtle enough that they’re still your little girl. Don’t miss their non-toxic nail polishes- fun colors, great names. Even though these are designed with teens & tweens in mind, don’t be surprised when they end up in your purse too!

imageWho looks at a pop can and thinks this would make a perfect necklace? Janis (and husband John) Steel. Yes, they have upcycled thousands of ordinary pop cans and turned them into extraordinary Jazzy Pop Can Jewelry: necklaces, earrings, even keychain/backpack charms. From peace signs, to sports teams, to awareness ribbons. Can you figure out which cans these pieces are from?

imageWhat do you do with your kid’s outgrown sports gear?  If you’re crafty hockey moms Linda Dunda and friends, you turn them into fantastic bags, hats, mitts, and aprons!  Realizing their homes were over-run with hockey socks and laces, Sock-cessories became an ingenious way to reuse old gear. Bags are perfect for cosmetics, toys, pencil cases, change, snacks, or toiletry bags. Hockey fans love sporting their favorite team’s colors (go Blackhawks!), everyone will love their durability, and that they’re machine washable. Check out the awesome jersey aprons too!

wexyThere are days when disposable snack bags are necessary.  Whether it’s due to food allergies (like their children), or a fieldtrip, moms Carie & Tracey didn’t want to see them wind up in a landfill for generations to come. So, they created Wexy Bags: biodegradable, recycleable, and reusable.  Four adorable monsters, Sammy the Surfer, Scout the Soccer Player, Bailey the Bubble Maker, and Dusty the Diver, make healthy snacks fun and our environment happy too.

celticWhat happens when you inherit your grandmother’s antique silverware? If you’re Jennifer Northup you recognize that the beautiful designs would make stunning jewelry- Silver Spoon Jewelry Yes, these gorgeous rings and necklaces are made with vintage spoons- and the occasional cocktail fork. And, all of the rings are adjustable which makes them a perfect gift.


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