The mother of all reusable cake boxes

We know how it goes.  You stay up late decorating a cake, it looks perfect, but by the time you transport it in a flimsy cardboard box the frosting is smooshed.  Transporting cupcakes and cakes used to be a royal pain, until now.  You know the fabulous handmade wooden PieBox?  Meet the handmade wooden CakeBox.

Stunning, right?!

This baby will carry your 9″ cake without destroying your masterpiece: a problem too familiar for creator & pastry chef Adrienne Blumthal.

Each CakeBox is handmade from raw (chemical-free) pine and will last for generations.

cakeboxWhat? You prefer muffins and cupcakes instead? No need to buy a separate container, CakeBox comes with two sliding cupcake/muffin trays.

Now you can easily carry 18 muffins for an impromptu breakfast with a friend or a special treat for the office.

Since the weather is getting warmer, maybe you’re already thinking about picnics, baseball and  soccer games, or backyard dinners.

All of them are perfect places to bring dessert!

cakeboxBaking isn’t your forte? That’s ok. Skip the disposable plastic bakery packages and everyone will think they’re homemade when you unveil your CakeBox.

Transporting desserts just got even easier with the specially designed PieBox and CakeBox carrier strap.

The wooden Cakebox and the vegetable-tanned carrier strap are both made in the USA. And, until March 17th the CakeBox is on a special introductory price.

Gorgeous photos courtesy of PieBox.


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