Natural Ways to Wake Up

With the combination of Daylight Savings and incessant winter weather, everyone seems to feel extra tired. Waking up while it’s still dark out doesn’t help move the body’s energy either.  Before doubling up on caffeine, try these natural ways to wake up your body and mind.

1. Before that first cup of coffee, start with a glass of cold water. It not only helps you rehydrate, it also helps boost metabolism. Surprising symptom of dehydration…fatigue.

2. Add a couple of morning sun salutations to increase blood and energy flow.

3. Feeling a slump coming on at work? Get moving! Take five minutes to stretch and walk away from your desk. Take a trip or two up and down the stairs, if the weather is nice opt for a quick walk around the building.

awake4. Use essential oils to boost your energy. Organic citrus essential oils like those found in Green Envee Awake mist can be applied to your body, yoga mat, car, or anywhere while on the go. Or use the Aroma Vaporizer with essential oils to benefit the entire room or office.

5. Catching up on emails, Facebook, and the episodes of
Orange is the New Black while lying in bed made seem relaxing, but it’s counter-productive for sleep. Even the small light emitted from electronic devices can actually wake up your body by delaying the production of melatonin- which helps induce sleep.

Unrested because of frequent bouts of insomnia? These tips may help.


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