Traveling with kids for Spring Break: 6 must pack items

Traveling with kids seems to quadruple the amount of necessary luggage. Life throws curves at home, so of course you want to be prepared on vacation too. Meltdowns (for kids and adults!) usually happen because they’re tired, hungry, bored, or a combination of all of the above. Be ready for unexpected delays and tantrum distractions with these 6 easy to pack items.

rootTraveling is exciting, but it can also create anxiety for kids of all ages, especially when routines are interrupted. Help calm their nerves with essential oils. Green Envee Root Chakra essential oil blend helps restore a sense of security and eases anxiety. $17.95

lollipopsWard off ear pressure pain when flying, or simply buy a little time before the next meal, with Yummy Earth organic lollipops. Sure, it’s a sweet treat, but they’re also certified organic, kosher, gluten-free, tree nut-free, peanut-free; no GMO’s, dairy, soy, or artificial colors/dyes, and they use real fruit extracts. Save a Mango Tango for me! $3.50-$7.00

soap nuts 5loadKids spill. A lot. Packing multiple changes of clothes, though, takes up a ton of space. Yoreganics Soap Nuts make a quick wash a piece of cake. No washing machine? That’s ok, you can even use them in the sink. And, since they’re actually berries, there’s no concern of liquid spilling in your suitcase. $2.99-$14.99

mermaid coveUnexpected delays are inevitable when traveling. You’ll never hear “I’m bored” when you’ve packed a Calafant recycled cardboard kit. You’re more likely to hear “we’re here already?!” when they’re busy coloring, building, and playing with their creative kit. Each set includes 6 non-toxic markers and folds flat for easy transport. Choose from police cars, circus wagons, pirate ships, mermaid coves, and 8 other designs. On sale: $4.75- $19.95

camera stickerNot ready for your little one to play with your smart phone camera? Turn an ordinary mac ‘n cheese box into their own camera. Box Play for Kids recycled stickers turn ordinary household objects into exciting new toys. From firetrucks, to binoculars, and many more, kids have a blast bringing new life to everyday items. $2.95-$6.95

kids on the go setKids appreciate a sense of responsibility carrying their own necessities. What kid wouldn’t love carrying their own Kids On the Go bag? This fun-filled set includes their own Ecogear Gorilla messenger bag or Ecogear Panda backpack, recycled cardboard toy (sm), Let’s Go Green activity book, 12 pack Faber-Castell colored pencils, sustainable wood top, banana paper note pad, bamboo paper pencil, eco-eraser, and a bug bite chocolate. If they’re willing to share, the messenger bag/backpack makes a great day trip pack too (one less bag to pack!).


2 responses to “Traveling with kids for Spring Break: 6 must pack items

  1. Hello, fte Stefanie,

    I haven’t been asked to pursue this yet (or maybe won’t be asked at all), but just in case I am asked to look for summer reading program prizes, would you please inform me of any items you would sell that have a “Paws to Read” theme (fins, feathers and scales are good, too) 🙂 We’re going to have a store of various items, scaled according to amount of completed reading, so we’ll need a variety. We’ll be using leftover items, too, to stock the store, but I’d love to konw what eco-friendly ones you might provide according to this theme.



    OPS. I love reading your e-letter. Well done!

    On Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 3:31 PM, ftedailygreen

    • Hi Sue. What a great theme! I definitely have some ideas for you: the dog seeded paper die-cuts and feathered-friend banana paper mini notepads first come to mind. I’ll email you 6 that I think would work well. Thanks~

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