What I learned from Dancing with the Stars

I have a pipe dream of becoming mildly famous. Not for the money. Not for the fame. Because I so badly want to be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. The challenging choreography, the lifts, the gorgeous shoes…yes please. I tuned in for the premiere on Monday with million others, mostly to see Danica McKeller (loved the Wonder Years!). But three other women stole the show.

Sure, you can look at Dancing with the Stars as another fluff reality show. But, given the tv line-up these days, there are very few shows that can be enjoyed by the entire family. DWTS gave my kids and I plenty to enjoy & discuss. And, oddly, offered a fabulous lesson in seizing the day.

Since this was the premiere episode we were introduced to the contestants and saw the initial meeting with their partner.

http://www.upi.com/Entertainment_News/2014/03/18/Candace-Cameron-Bure-wants-to-be-good-role-model-nixes-skimpy-Dancing-with-the-Stars-costumes/9461395175167/Candace Cameron Bure has grown up from her days as DJ on Full House. She is a mom of three and quickly professed that she wasn’t going to wear skimpy outfits and play the “sexy” partner role.

Despite her modest costume, she was by far the “sexiest” of the night. Lesson to young girls…sexy isn’t designated by ultra-short & too-tight clothing. Nor is it found in multiple layers of make-up.

Instead, Candace Cameron Bure easily depicted that true sexiness comes from a natural smile, confidence in your body, and genuinely having fun. If you missed her dance, catch the youtube version here.

http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/tv/2014/03/16/amy-purdy-dancing-with-the-stars-snowboarder/6303351/My kids and I became fascinated with Amy Purdy during the Winter Olympics. After contracting bacterial meningitis, she spent two weeks in a coma and was given 2% chance of survival. And, she lost both lower legs.

So, what does any 19-year-old given this hand do? If they’re Amy Purdy they learn to snowboard on prosthetics and earn a bronze medal in the Paralympics. Oh, and then become a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Incredible.

While audience’s focus may be on Purdy’s legs for the first couple of episodes, it will quickly shift to her dancing. She has skills! If you missed her dance, check out the youtube clip here.

http://www.shewired.com/television/2014/03/18/swimmer-diana-nyad-cuts-rug-emdancing-starsemOdds are, Diana Nyad won’t go home with the Mirror Ball Trophy. Nyad is more comfortable in the water (she swam 110 miles between Cuba & Florida without a shark cage!) than in high heels.

So, why did she decide to go on DWTS? It was on her bucket list. That is awesome.

At 64, Nyad is one of the older contestants this season. But, age is by no means stopping her from trying to keep up with the younger dancers. Check out Diana Nyad’s dance here.

So, what did my kids and I take from this show?
1. Being “sexy” isn’t what you find on photo-shopped magazine images, it’s a state of mind and comfort with yourself.

2. What may look like a devastating obstacle can become an incredible challenge and adventure.

3. Even your wildest bucket list items can happen.

Put the energy out there- you never know which items you’ll cross off.

Top 5 uncompleted on my Bucket List?

dreamsFly with the Blue Angels
Publish a Book
See Idina Menzel perform in a musical
Have a meal in every US state
Be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars

Farfetched? Maybe. But, you never know.

What’s on your Bucket List? Don’t have one yet? Start writing!

Candace Cameron Bure photo credit.
Amy Purdy photo credit
Diana Nyad photo credit


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