Naked Yoga: why some say yes

You’ve tried hot yoga; you’ve tried power yoga, but are you game to try naked yoga?  Based on my Facebook responses, most of you vehamently say no (apparently Facebook isn’t interested in taking a class either, they deemed it inappropriate!). Considering there’s even a sanskrit name for it- nagna yoga- naked yoga isn’t new. Wondering what drives people to bare it all in these classes? Me too.

I’ve definitely been in classes where it seems the focus is less about finding inner peace and more about who has the latest Lululemon gear (needless to say I never went back). No need to shell out $80 for a pair of workout pants when you’re in Chelsea’s Bold & Naked class. On the contrary, the owners claim

“…naked yoga is about being comfortable in your own skin.”

I think it’s safe to say, we all have some sort of body image issues. Taking class in the buff is supposed to even the playing field- essentially we’re all the same parts.

Does it really take naked yoga, though, to eradicate body image issues.

I hear friends apologize that their homes aren’t immaculate and massage clients apologize for their body. Why?

How do we teach our sons and daughters that magazine pages (decor or people) aren’t real life? That flawless doesn’t equal happiness. That our clothing size isn’t a measurement of our self-worth.

I believe achieving a positive sense of self-awareness and self-love are essential for our well-being. Kudos to those willing to go au natural, it’s not for me, but that’s ok too. I can still teach my kids the beauty of a strong body and a strong mind.

Are you willing to try nagna yoga? How do you overcome media’s mixed messages and boost self-appreciation?

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