5 necessities to survive baseball season

MLB baseball season opened today- the weather even seemed to cooperate.  While some of us may make it to a major league game, many of us will see more little league during the season. If your calendar is filling up with games and tournaments, stocking up on a few necessities will help the whole family survive the countless games.

stain remover1. Yoreganics Stain Remover. Don’t let “organic” fool you- this is the toughest stain remover we’ve tried! Yoreganics wipes out grass and dirt stains so uniforms are ready for the next game. Traveling for tournaments? Pick up the trial size for on the go. Non-toxic, Gluten-free, Vegan, and Made in the USA. Try Yoreganics soap nuts for eliminating tough sweat smells too!

element black2. Vapur Anti-Bottles. Hydration isn’t just important for the athletes, but for their fans too. These BPA-free, Made in the USA reusable water bottles are also freezer-safe- perfect to use as extra ice-packs. Assorted colors let you pick team colors, or designate a color for each family member (easier to determine “adults-only” drinks!). Convenient carabiner clips let players attach their bottle to the dugout instead of sitting in dirt and gravel. Flexible to roll when empty.

facestick3. Eco-Lips Facestick. Even on cloudy days, skin needs SPF protection. Most kids hate greasy lotion on their faces which leaves their sensitive lips and nose susceptible to burn. Protect their face, lips, and ears with Facestick SPF-30 balm. Gluten-free and made in the USA. Keep handy in the car, baseball bag, purse, or pocket. On sale today.

kids on the go4. Kids on the Go Set. Siblings enjoy cheering from the sidelines…for about 5 minutes. How will you keep them occupied the rest of the game? With this fun-filled kids on the go set. Each set starts with a backpack or messenger bag (pink, blue, or green) filled with activities to keep them happy and busy into extra innings. Set includes: Calafant recycled cardboard toy, Let’s Go Green activity book, 12 pack Faber-Castell colored pencils, sustainable wood top, banana paper note pad, bamboo paper pencil, eco-eraser, and a bug bite chocolate.

catch all bagCatch-All Bag.  Band-aids, Facestick, extra snacks…keep all of the essentials together in your recycled sports gear bag.  Three sizes (mini-me, catch-all, and personal tote) are available to contain everything you need to carry to each game. Heading to a major league stadium? The MLB may soon adopt the NFL policy on acceptable bag sizes; the mini-me bag meets the 4.5″ x 6.5″ requirement. Each bag is handmade in Canada.


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