The best sport stain remover: blood, grass, & dirt be gone

Opening day of our past two baseball seasons has been frigid and snowing. So, Saturday’s sunshine and warm weather was a welcome treat to kicking off the season. The parents were having fun reconnecting; first inning the boys were off to a good start. Seemed like a good beginning to our double-header opener. Until the second inning.

My son was playing outfield and went deep for a well-hit ball. But, when he jumped to catch the ball, instead of connecting with the ball, he connected with the pole. And he went down.

He was never unconscious, but, as with most head lacerations, there was a lot of blood…everywhere (I’ll spare you the gory photos!). Four stitches later he’s doing fine.

j bballHis jersey, on the other hand, didn’t look so great.

My friends joked that they’d bring over some bleach and “heavy-duty” stain removers because there was no way my organic cleaners would remove the blood.

Frankly, I was slightly concerned that I may have to take them up on their offer.

Over the years, Yoreganics organic stain remover has eliminated grass and dirt stains without a problem. These blood stains seemed to be in a different league.

I sprayed the stains and used the tip of my finger to rub it into the material. Before I even washed the jersey, the stains were almost gone. By the time it came out of the washing machine, it looked brand new.

No bleach. No harsh chemicals.

Even though it wasn’t the season start I anticipated, both my son and his uniform are ready to hit the field again.

Yoreganics Stain Remover is made in the USA, vegan, gluten-free, and USDA certified organic. Available in trial size (perfect for those traveling), 8oz spray bottle, and 64oz refill bottle.

Click here to buy.


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