5 ways to save time with this multi-purpose bag

There’s no doubt that being organized saves time.  But, really, in today’s hectic world who has time for perfect pantries and catalogue-worthy closets. But, I also don’t want to waste time looking for random gardening tools (by the time everything is found it’s probably snowing again!).

Maybe it’s the cheaters-guide to organizing, but I found one bag that’s worth buying in multiples because it’s so darn efficient.

Made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton Canvas and Cotton Mesh, the six outside pockets and inner drawstring pouch make organizing a snap.

The possibilities are endless, but here are my 5 favorite uses for the convenient spa bag.

bath bag1. Bath Bag. Heading to college, camp, or the gym? Use the outside pockets for your soap, cleanser, comb, cosmetic brushes, hair styling cream, and deodorant. Use the inner pouch for extra washcloths, cosmetics, and other toiletries.

garden bag2. Garden Bag. Keep all of your tools, gloves, seeds, and sunscreen in one spot. You won’t have to spend the 15 minutes that the weather is warm looking for your pruning shears- grab the bag and you’re ready for the yard.

craft bag3. Craft Bag. Perfect for rainy days or long days on the go. Fill with color pencils, activity books, erasers, glue, scissors, and stickers. Everything your child needs for fun, crafty projects. Or, create a craft bag for yourself to hold yarn and crochet needles!

spa bag4. Spa Bag. You never know when you’ll catch a few minutes for yourself. Add your favorite “me time” items: mani/pedi necessities, books, magazines, and earbuds and you’re ready when a free moment arises. Take your spa bag to your favorite quiet space without losing a minute looking for your spring polish.

car bag5. Car Necessities. It never fails. Before you leave the house no one is hungry, five minutes into a car trip you hear pleading for snacks or complaints of boredom. Use this bag as for car “emergencies.” Band-aids, sunscreen, notepads, and phone chargers conveniently fit in the outside pockets. Fill the inside with a few snacks, reusable Vapur bottles, and a couple “just in case” dollars.

To buy this all-purpose organic cotton spa bag, click here.

How will you save time organizing with yours?


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