Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

Next week, May 5-9th, is Teacher Appreciation Week.  In many cases, our educators spend more waking hours with our children than we do.  Much like a parent, teacher’s jobs don’t end with a school bell, they continue sometimes through the night: grading papers, planning lessons, or discovering a new way to help our kids learn.  Because many kids have several teachers, here are a great teacher appreciations gifts that aren’t big in price, but huge in gratitude.

imageTGIF! Teachers especially like to celebrate the weekend.  They’ll be thanking you on Friday night using your “Holy Guacamole! It’s been a great school year!” gift set. Pick up guacamole ingredients at your local farmers market and wrap in an organic mesh produce bag.

Help replenish classroom supplies with the Green School Supply Pack. Or, create your own thank you set with everything from non-toxic dry erase markers, highlighter pencils, nut-free lotion, to banana paper notebooks.

Does your child’s teacher share friendly sports rivalries with the class? They’ll love these Jazzy Pop Can necklaces, earrings and charms honoring favorite sports teams. For the cool education factor…they’re all made from recycled cans!

teacherTeachers rarely have the opportunity to leave the building during school hours. They need a mug that can handle morning coffee, lunchtime soup, and late afternoon grading snacks or tea. The baby buddha bowl serves all of these purposes and more. Dishwasher safe so its ready for each day.

Spring flowers from your own garden is a sweet thank you, but a glass vase can be dangerous in the classroom. MyVaz collapsible vase is just as sturdy as glass, but made from recycled plastic instead. Twelve designs available to match any teacher’s personality. Don’t worry about storage, MyVaz vases fold flat when empty, compact enough for a desk drawer.

Looking for flowers that will make it through the entire school year? GreenCycle Designs paper flowers are a “novel” idea. Turn your teacher’s favorite story, song, poem, or color into forever flowers.

It goes without saying, teaching a classroom full of kids is stressful. You can help them find a little Zen with Green Envee Organics essential oil mists. Awake, Refresh, Balance, Relax, or Stabilize will help your teacher maintain calm even on the noisiest days.


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