Gifts for Grads

For many 2014 students, the long-awaited day is about to arrive.  Graduation!  Neighbors, friends, nieces, nephews, maybe even your own “baby” is growing up and moving on.  ‘Tis the season for graduation parties.  Sure, cash is a welcome gift, but they’ll love these fabulous graduation gifts just as much. snow leopard

Whether their next path takes them to class or hiking through Europe, the Ecogear Snow Leopard backpack is a necessity.

Made from recycled plastic bottles, this durable pack has enough pockets to stay organized in college or on travels. Ergo-padded shoulder straps create a comfortable, long-lasting fit.

bath bagA trip to the shower is a little more involved when living in the dorm. This convenient 6-pocket bag will keep everything handy.

To complete the gift, fill with necessities like shampoo, towels, and flip-flops.
Or tuck fun surprises into each pocket: roll of quarters, sunglasses, gift cards, or highlighter pencil sticks.

imageAny transition calls for a shift in priorities. Help them find balance with Aromatherapy Essential Oil Mists. Made with organic essential oils, each spray has a designated purpose.

6 sprays will help with boosting energy for late night studying, relaxing after finals, or maintaining focus during long lectures.

buttercream bbDorm rooms and first apartments are short on space and storage. Multi-purpose baby buddha bowls are perfect for cereal, coffee, snacks, soups, tea, and more.

Don’t waste space with unnecessary extra mugs and bowls, the baby buddha bowl does it all. Available in 7 colors.

girl blanket1Even though they’re technically now an adult, they’ll always be your “baby.” Just because they’ll spend most of their time in a new home, doesn’t mean you can’t still make them feel warm and cozy.

A hand-crocheted organic cotton blanket is ideal for studying on the quad, warming up during the fall chill, or wrapping up in a little love from home. Can even customize with favorite colors.

gift of the monthEveryone loves receiving special packages in the mail. The Green Gift of the Month set is a perfect solution.
Each month they’ll receive a package filled with green surprises.

Gluten-free or vegan? No problem!

6 month and 12 month subscriptions are available.

graduation favorHey Grads! Don’t forget about thank-you notes for all of your great gifts. Seeded graduation cards are a unique way to show your gratitude.

Customize the seeded cap to match your school colors (27 colors available), and personalize with your own wording. The backside has enough open space to write a note of thanks.

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