The Secret in Cleaning Supplies: Women’s Voices for the Earth

It seems like companies today are more interested in telling us what’s not in their products as opposed to what’s actually in them. They’re hoping, I guess, that we’ll read “No Artificial Dyes!”, and that will make us skip the nondescript “fragrance” in the ingredients. Just like we see in food companies, too often when something is taken out of the product, it’s simply replaced with a synthetic toxin.

Fragrance” is a free-pass for companies to hide their specific blend of toxic ingredients. How can a cleaning product have a “fresh lemon scent” when there’s no actual lemon in the product? Chemicals.

Unfortunately, there is no law mandating companies reveal their synthetic concoctions. Not very helpful if you’re trying to determine allergies or avoid certain toxins.

Women's voices for the earthA group of incredible women saw the absurdity in this: Women’s Voices for the Earth.

Much like companies that are willing to commit to GMO-Free, Women’s Voices for the Earth has created a campaign of companies committed to “No Secrets.” These cleaning products don’t hide ingredients behind nondescript terms like “fragrance.” Instead, they guarantee that every ingredient is listed.

stain removerThough this campaign is still growing, our favorite laundry detergent and stain remover, Yoreganics, is an eager participant. Not only did Yoreganics Stain Remover completely clean the blood out of my son’s baseball jersey after a head injury (check out that incredible story here), but their Soap Nuts eliminates tough odors from workout clothes. They have a great product, and they have nothing to hide.

Why would any company choose to keep ingredients a secret? Shouldn’t we- as consumers- choose to buy products that are committed to “No Secrets?” Visit the growing list of companies that agree.


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