Gifts for dad

Father’s Day is right around the corner.  Sure, you could always go with the traditional tie or “World’s Best Dad” mug, but doesn’t he deserve a gift as unique as him?  Whether he’s a sports fan, master of the grill, car enthusiast, or a kid at heart, dad will love these gifts that embrace his favorite hobbies. father's day

1. Flat Tire Decor. The perfect gift for a car enthusiast, these bins are made in Michigan from recycled tires. Originally designed for plants, but they double as an unique ice bucket or remote control holder in dad’s “man cave.” Looking for a gift made by the kids? Check out the tire pot kit!

2. Sprout Herb Garden. Here’s a great way to combine dad’s appreciation for craft beer and gardening! This non-traditional 4-pack lets dad grow Brewhouse Basil, Full-Bodied Rosemary, Hop-In Oregano and Tapped Out Sage in recycled beer bottles using blended organic soil. Once the plants have outgrown the bottles, simply wash and enjoy as drinking glasses. Made in the USA.

3. Sock-cessories. Dad spend time traveling for work? Help him feel at home while on the road. He can support his favorite home team with Sock-cessories. Handmade in Canada from recycled hockey gear, the personal tote is great for toiletries and shaving kits. Available in three sizes. Dad “aka Grillmaster” will love the aprons made from recycled hockey jerseys!

4. Jazzy Pop-Can Jewelry. Our beloved Blackhawks may be out of the run for the Stanley Cup, but we’re still fans! Yes, these cool dog tags, key chain links, and necklaces are handmade from recycled pop cans. Dad can show-off his pride for the Hawks, Bears, Cubs, Sox, and more with these unique pop-can gifts. Dad have a favorite canned beverage? Let us know and we can customize a piece for you!  Made in the USA.

5. Vapur Anti-Bottle: For the dad whose second home is at the gym or on the trails, he’ll love the convenient Vapur anti-bottle.  A must-have gift for any outdoorsman, Vapur bottles are collapsible, freezer-safe, dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and made in the USA.  Simply roll it up and put in a pocket when it’s empty.  Available in various colors and .5L or 1L sizes.


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  1. Oh, Stefanie, you are so good to us!

    Thank you for the post!


    Jazzy Steel President POP CAN JEWELRY, INC.

    Office: (630) 554-8434 Fax: (630) 423-9559 Cell: (630) 277-0441

    Cleaning up America, one pop can at a time. Hand-made in the USA, to help support our economy.

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