Mostly free summer activities inspired by the Brady Bunch: RIP Alice

I’ve watched a few Brady Bunch reruns with my kids over the years and I realized something that never dawned on me as a child…Alice did ALL of the work. The cooking, the cleaning, bathing Tiger, and tending to chicken pox. No wonder Carol made being a mom look so easy!

Brady Bunch was a simpler time, and what better season than summer to resort back to simple. No need to spend 100’s of dollars at theme parks or outrageous water parks, the Brady’s gave us plenty of ideas for mostly free summer fun. Go for a walk outside now…the summer sun’s calling your name. You’re welcome for getting that stuck in your head! But really, enjoy the beautiful weather after our long winter, “everybody’s smiling.”

2. Try to set a world record. There aren’t too many teeter-totters around but there are plenty of Guinness Book of World Records just waiting to be broken.

3. Rainy day? Try your hand at building a card house. A color tv may not be your first prize choice if you’re making it a competition, but regardless, you should probably keep the dog in a different room. Take a family trip. Try somewhere a new- a ghost town perhaps? Maybe a camping trip at the Grand Canyon (don’t forget extra beans and a flashlight) or a Hawaiian adventure (probably best to leave tiki souvenirs alone).

5. Create your own neighborhood boot camp. “Enlist” the neighbor kids for early morning runs, duck walks around the yard, and old-fashioned calisthenics to get in tip-top shape this summer.

5. Redecorate the attic. Create a new space (extra bedroom?) or give new life to an inefficiently used room. 70’s beads optional.

6. Start your own band. Maybe you’ll be the next “Silver Platters.” You can just keep on, keep on, keep on practicing until it’s time to change: Sha-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na…sha-na-na-na-na! Play backyard games. A little football (watch out for unsuspecting visitors…and their nose) or potato-sack races.

Brady Bunch photo credit
Brady Bunch Hawaii photo credit
Brady Bunch potato-sack race photo credit


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