Fastest paper organizing system: goodbye desktop piles

Bills to pay, applications to fill out, flyers for summer events, permission slips to sign.  Everything has a deadline.  Finding the right form before said deadline is often another story.  If your desk (or countertop) is filled with “organized piles” of paper, you’ll love this simple system to keep it truly in place. No more missed deadlines.

organizer Step 1. Select 12 colorful pocket dividers with tabs. Label one for each month.

Step 2. Collect 15-30 clear pocket dividers with tabs. Depending on how many you have, label each divider with one or two numbers, 1-31.

Step 3. Place all dividers in a 3-ring binder beginning with the current month, days of the month behind it. Once the day is over, move that divider behind the next month.

Then, file all of your papers (bills, forms, flyers) in the appropriate day’s divider.

Event planned for later in the year? You won’t lose the invite before the big day when you file it ahead in the appropriate month’s pocket.

Voilà! Instant organization all in the space of one binder.


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