6 ways to sneak exercise into your daily routine

Sometimes finding a dedicated hour to workout seems as likely winning the lottery. Just because time is limited, though, there are plenty of moments throughout the day to sneak in exercise. Stealing these hidden minutes may not equal a full hour, but it’s a great way to get your body moving.

http://fitness.makeupandbeauty.com/workout-in-the-kitchen-while-cooking-meals/1. Waiting for the toaster to pop? Do push-ups against the counter. Try some with your arms shoulder width apart and some with elbows tucked against your sides to help firm “looser than you’d like” triceps.

2. Brushing your teeth? Two minutes of squats is great for the glutes and quads. Reverse the movement and try starting from a seated position (side of tub or closed toilet lid) and hover for a moment (think gross port-a-potty!).

3. Heading upstairs? Change the main muscle group focus and walk up the stairs sideways instead. Next time you head upstairs switch to the other side.

4. Waiting at a stop light? Forget checking your emails (it’s illegal there too!) and activate lower abdominal muscles with small pelvic tilts. Start with a straight spine, then slightly tighten your glutes and bring your navel toward your spine. Don’t worry- the movement is small enough that drivers next to you won’t even notice!

5. Folding laundry? Instead of sitting on the couch, fold laundry from standing by a table. If needed, use a chair for balance and add calf raises. Or mix it up with holding a plié while folding instead.

image6. Playing with your dog? If your pup loves to tug, add some killer oblique work with their favorite tug toy. While sitting straight in a chair or on the floor, twist from side to side letting your pup add resistance to your rotation.

Don’t forget about parking furthest from the door and opting for the stairs instead of the elevator.

Kitchen counter push-up photo credit.


2 responses to “6 ways to sneak exercise into your daily routine

  1. Great ideas – I can do all of them. Thanks!

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