5 surprising benefits of lemongrass

One of the perks of an unseasonably cool summer is the lack of mosquitos.  But, after a week of rain and humidity they are now out in full force.  Fortunately there are more natural ways to keep mosquitos away than covering yourself in repellent 24/7. Warding off insects, though, is just one of the many incredible benefits of lemongrass.

http://www.ahamodernliving.com/blog/garden/five-plants-that-keep-mosquitoes-from-buzzing-in-your-ears/Used for centuries in India, lemongrass has become one of the top-selling essential oils throughout the world. These are just five of the amazing reasons why.

Insect repellent: While we love the citrus lemon scent of lemongrass, mosquitos hate it! Plant potted lemongrass around your patio to keep bugs away while you enjoy the outdoors. Or, reduce the mosquito feeding frenzy by wearing lotion or body oil with organic lemongrass essential oils.

soapAntibacterial: Researchers finally realized that the added toxins in antibacterial soap were causing more harm than good. Natural antibacterial properties of lemongrass help you wash away germs without harmful triclosan. Bonus- it also reduces acne! We love these USA made soaps with organic lemongrass essential oil.

Digestion: Lemongrass tea is used for indigestion and constipation relief throughout the world. It is also a beneficial aid for sore throats and laryngitis.

vaporizorEases stress and nerves: Even inhaling the scent of lemongrass benefits the body and mind. Try adding lemongrass essential oil to an aroma diffuser to calm your office or home. It may also elevate your mood and ease anxiety. Or try portable essential oil sprays for traveling, yoga, or anytime you’re on the go.

Increase circulation: Tired muscles? Joint pain? Lemongrass can help improve circulation and reduce aches and fatigue. Massage oil or lotion crafted with organic lemongrass essential oil into skin for pain and headache relief as well as overall nervous system support.

**Lemongrass is not advised during pregnancy as it can stimulate the uterus.

Lemongrass photo credit.


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