9 dorm room essentials

It feels like yesterday that my neighbors moved in with their eight year old daughter. I swear I did no more than blink and she’s heading off to college in a few short weeks. Listening to their college preparation, dorm life has definitely changed over the years: first introductions happen over text, email, and skype long before move-in day. While the technology has changed, the essentials haven’t.

Check out these 9 dorm room essentials.dorm essentials

1. No need to lug huge laundry bags home when it’s a breeze to do with Yoreganics Soap Nuts. No heavy bottles, no spilling, no measuring. Just add clothes to the machine, toss in the bag of soap nuts and that’s it! Certified Organic, Fragrance-Free, Vegan, and Biodegradable.

2. Fresh flowers go a long way to spruce up cinder block walls, but a broken glass vase isn’t pretty. MyVaz collapsible vases are the perfect solution. Add a little water & they’re just as sturdy as glass; then, fold flat in a drawer when not in use. Made from recycled plastic too! 12 designs available to match any dorm room decor.

3. While independence is exciting, comforts of home are certainly missed. Cozy up in a handmade organic cotton blanket during late night study sessions and they’ll wrap themselves in love from home. Customize with favorite or school colors.

4. Late night studying, stressful exams, balancing a full class schedule…yikes. The portable AromaMist Vaporizer will help them stay focused by diffusing pure essential oils. Uses tap water and automatically shuts off after three hours or when the water runs low. 6 synergetic essential oil blends with designated benefits available: Awake, Refresh, Relax, Balance, Zen, and Stabilize.

5. Carrying books and laptops across campus requires a sturdy backpack. Ecogear Snow Leopard is made from recycled plastic bottles, is PVC-free, uses non-toxic dyes, has a soft-lined valuables pouch, MP3 player pouch with port, ergo-padded shoulder straps, and internal organizer pockets. Strong enough to last through their college years and world travels afterwards.

6. All of the extra walking between classes requires extra hydration. Buying plastic water bottles daily is expensive and an eco-waste. BPA-free, made in the USA Vapur Anti-bottles are the ideal solution. The handy carabiner clip can attach to a bag or backpack for hands free carrying. Easy to transport when empty too, simply roll-up and tuck in a pocket until refilling at the next water fountain.

7. Let’s face it, the size of dorm rooms is still small. You certainly don’t want to waste precious space with multiple dishes. The multi-purpose Baby Buddha Bowl is perfect for everything from coffee, to cereal, to late night snacks, to holding rings & trinkets. Made in the USA, dishwasher safe, and available in 9 colors.

8. Keep calm with aromatherapy on the go. Green Envee pure essential oil sprays are convenient to use before class, at the gym, or in the library. Boost concentration, increase energy, boost confidence naturally wherever you are.

9. Two words: community bathrooms. Not the most well-loved aspect of college living, but difficult to avoid. The organic cotton and mesh travel/spa bag will organize all of your bathroom necessities so you don’t realize you forgot shampoo half-way through your shower. 6 outside pockets are ideal for combs and toiletries, use the inner drawstring pouch for personal items.

Still looking for a graduation gift or unique going-away present? The Ultimate Gift Set contains many of these great ideas and more college necessities!


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