Non-toxic baby shampoo and wash: nut-free skin care

New moms have enough on their plates to worry about than checking labels.  We’d like to assume that companies have our little ones’ best interest in mind when creating “gentle bath” and making “no more tears” claims.  But, unfortunately, that’s not the reality.

You don’t want chemical laden, laboratory manufactured ingredients absorbed into your baby’s delicate skin. But, you also don’t want to spend precious free-time scanning labels and wondering about hidden toxins.

nut-free washFortunately, Green Envee Organics has eliminated those concerns. Using organic ingredients created by Mother Earth- not a chemical engineer- Nut-Free Soothing Aloe & Calendula Children’s Wash & Shampoo is gentle and safe for baby’s bathing. With soothing aloe, calming lavender, and healing calendula, it’s also an effective shampoo for baby’s fine hair and for reducing cradle cap.

More than just a baby wash, Nut-Free Soothing Aloe & Calendula Children’s Wash & Shampoo is also nut-free, making it a great for nursing moms and a safe skin care option for those with nut-allergies.

nut-free lotionKeep skin hydrated and smooth with Soothing Aloe & Calendula Nut-Free Kids Lotion.  Also, nut-oil free; you can moisturize skin without the concern of triggering a nut-allergy.

Soothing Aloe & Calendula Nut-Free Kids Lotion is perfect for classrooms too. Keep on the teacher’s desk so students with nut-allergies are safe.

bottom balmMany popular diaper rash creams contain harsh artificial fragrances or endocrine interrupting parabens.  Bottom Balm uses organic shea butter and organic extra virgin olive oil to soothe and heal diaper rash or chapped skin.

Instead of impossible to pronounce ingredients, you’ll only find pure essential oils as well as organic jojoba oil in Bottom Balm.

new baby gift setNeed a baby shower gift? The New Baby Gift Set contains all three items plus a starter set of Yoreganics laundry soap nuts. The same safe and gentle concern for baby’s skin goes into laundry care with organic/fragrance-free/vegan soap nuts.


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