What do you believe

The other day I noticed a company’s mission statement hanging on their wall. Essentially, it’s their philosophy behind their business. Which got me thinking, why don’t we have mission statements for ourselves? A declaration, if you will, that sets the tone for our daily personal life.

First, though, you have to understand what you believe…

I believe if it’s important you’ll make time, otherwise you’ll make excuses.

I believe in miracles.

I believe in ghosts.

I believe manners are more valuable than money.

lakehouseI believe that a leap of faith is sometimes the best option.

I believe libraries are sacred spaces.

I believe singing at the top of your lungs is therapeutic.

I believe desserts should ALWAYS be cold.

I believe the way a person hugs says a great deal about their character.

I believe in fate.

I believe laughing until you cry is great medicine.

I believe money enhances your true personality.

I believe Michael Myers will jump on top my car when I drive through the woods.

I believe the economy could be fixed if gas were $2.00/gallon.

I believe people are essentially good, some just make really bad choices.

raspberriesI believe raspberries are the perfect fruit.

I believe a spotless house is overrated.

I believe in moderation not deprivation.


My Daily Mission: To laugh loudly and love deeply. To choose healthfully and live passionately.

I believe the real heroes are in camo, scrubs, and suspenders.

I believe talent alone isn’t enough.

I believe a day without reading is like a day without breathing.

design the lifeI believe traveling the world is the key to tolerance.

I believe walking my dog slowly is better for my heart & body than walking quickly on a treadmill.

I belive choosing kindness is always the right answer.

I believe education is a right, not a privilege.

I believe in supporting small businesses.

I believe you have to speak your mind, or someone else will do it for you.

I believe.


travel sign photo credit.


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