Going on a picnic: 6 basket necessities

Even if it’s in your own backyard, a picnic always feels like a mini-vacation.  With summertime outdoor movies and music in the park nights (even all day sports tournaments!), there’s no reason not to eat al fresco.  Keep these 6 picnic basket necessities on-hand and you’re ready to go anytime the weather cooperates.http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/interiorsandshopping/10100335/Design-notebook-picnic-accessories-and-the-best-button-ottomans.html

mango wood1. Mango Wood Platter: Skip the disposables and create ambiance (as well as an eco-friendly picnic) with this gorgeous platter. Made from sustainable mango wood and ideal for cheese trays, sandwiches, or desserts.

Use the matching bowl for fruits and salads, or the mini-bowl & spoon for dips and condiments.

piebox2. PieBox: What’s a picnic without desserts? Safely transport your favorite pie in this handmade wooden pie box.

Prefer muffins, cupcakes, or cakes instead? Check out the sister CakeBox. Both PieBox and CakeBox are available with a convenient carrying strap.

flask3. “After-hours” flask: A little wine or summer-ade can add to the festivities, broken glass will not. Avoid a potential hazard with the After-Hours collapsible flask by Vapur. Made in the USA, BPA-Free, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Transport other beverages in the .5 and 1L Vapur anti-bottles. Save space in your cooler by freezing the bottles to use as ice packs, then enjoy icy-cold drinks once you reach your destination.

jute4. Striped Jute Bag: Keep this sturdy bag in your car filled with blankets and outdoor toys and you’re ready for an impromptu picnic anytime you find the perfect spot.

This eco-friendly jute bag also doubles as carry-all tote bag, and durable enough in the wintertime to hold firewood.

lemongrass lotion5. Lemongrass lotion. We won’t say that this Green Envee organic lotion is a bug repellent, but mosquitoes hate the smell of lemongrass! It’s just one added bonus of the sweet lemon aroma.

So, while your skin reaps the benefits of almond & coconut oil, your body will enjoy additional lemongrass benefits: naturally antibacterial, improved digestion, stress relief, and increased circulation.

myvaz6. MyVaz Collapsible vase. There’s no reason you can’t set your table with fresh flowers while you’re dining outdoors. MyVaz collapsible vases eliminate the concern of broken glass since they’re made from recycled plastic! Fold flat to transport, then add a little water for a sturdy base to hold your fresh flowers.

Collapsible vases are also ideal for the office, classroom, dorm rooms, or anywhere storage is limited! 12 designs available. And, they’re on sale for only $5!

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