Accomplishing a goal: how you can help me achieve mine

A few years ago, back when Favor the Earth began, I set some goals. One of them was to deliver an order to all 50 states. I wanted to know that people across the country were excited to receive products that are eco-friendly and also happen to be extraordinarily awesome.

dream5 years later, we’re close to achieving that goal…really close!

Like 8 states away close.

I’m beyond thrilled that we’ve helped green daily life in 4 continents, over 65 countries, and 42 states.

People around the world are taking notice that choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle isn’t a trend, it’s a beneficial way of life: for our own well-being and for the preservation of the planet.

Whether you love Favor the Earth products because they’re non-toxic, made in the USA, vegan, homeopathic, gluten-free, or because they’re just plain fabulous, we thank you!

Thank you for sharing us with your families and friends!

mapWe’d love for you to help us accomplish our 50 state goal by spreading the word a little further…specifically to Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, South Carolina, Indiana, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island…we need you!

Send a birthday present, college care package, or thinking of you gift to someone.
Pick up a little something for yourself.

Through the end of September, we’ll add a free gift to any order shipping to each of these 8 states!

Imagine the possibilities of working together to achieve our goals.


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