Organize your space and your mind

We all have stuff. And, for most of us, the stuff isn’t going away anytime soon. There will still be paperwork to file, photos to sort, and toys to store. But “stuff” doesn’t have to equal clutter. Putting everything away in its “home” can keep your counters neat and mind clear.

These 7 useful items will help you do just that.

storageCreate a zen area with this Om Garden panel print. You won’t want your designated sacred space cluttered with paperwork & magazines. Om Garden is a gentle reminder to put things in their place. Printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink.

The best thing about the Oni Chalk Board Glass Box? You can use it in every room of the house! Fill with cotton balls or soaps in the bathroom; quickly know when it’s time to restock crackers or rice with it in your kitchen; or, keep small toy pieces from getting lost with your Oni box in the playroom.

Don’t let the name fool you, the Vintage Wooden Spice Box has more uses than spices in the kitchen. Slide the lid to hold rings and earrings. No more wasting time looking for hair ties or bobby pins. It’s even perfect on the entry table for keys and loose change.

Family room over-run with toys? This eco-friendly Jute Bag is not only durable, but pretty enough for any room in the house. Ideal for extra blankets, or kept in the car filled with impromptu picnic or park necessities.

Here’s a little ditty (not about Jack & Diane) perfect for life’s smaller necessities. You won’t have to search for lip balm or mints that fell to the bottom of your bag any more. Too much time wasted looking for the library card, pool passes, and gym ID? Keep all of your passes & loyalty cards in the ditty bag and save yourself frustration. Also perfect for band aids, snacks, and athletic tape in the kids’ sport’s bags.

Free Your Self! Negativity? Banished! Unnecessary clutter? Gone! Sometimes we need a reminder to free ourselves from paralyzing perfection. And sometimes we need a reminder that the memories are in our minds and it’s ok to let the stuff go! Printed on recycled paper with soy-based ink.

Does looking for a paperclip send you searching through multiple drawers? Not with the recycled divided storage box . Junk drawer be gone! Now paperclips, rubber-bands, even random “who knows what this goes to” pieces have a home. Plenty of compartments for barrettes, bows, and ponytail holders. Feeling crafty? Even if you don’t complete the project in one sitting, pieces will stay sorted until you’re ready to finish…and the box will still look beautiful on the shelf!

How will you spend your extra time now that your counter and mental clutter are clear?


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