If you give a mom a moment…

Everyone knows that if you give a Moose a Muffin, he’ll want some jam to go with it.

But what happens when you give a Mom a moment?


If you give a mom a moment,
she’ll want a cup of coffee.

So she’ll go to the fridge to get the cream.

When she opens the door,
she’ll see someone spilled chocolate milk.

So she’ll wipe up the mess.

When she puts the dirty towel in the laundry room,
she’ll realize muddy cleats were left on the floor.

So she’ll clean up the mud and put the shoes in the garage.

The overflowing recycling bin will remind her that tomorrow is garbage day.

So she’ll bring the cans to the curb.

Back inside the house she’ll notice a crumpled paper under the couch.

Realizing it’s a forgotten permission slip, she’ll get a pen to sign it.

Trying to find a pen that works, she’ll clean out the whole junk drawer.

The clean junk drawer will remind her that the kids closets need to be cleaned out.

So she’ll put all of the outdated clothes into a box for Goodwill.

On the way to Goodwill, she’ll realize that the car is on empty and stop for gas.

She’ll remember that she finished the bread this morning.

So, she’ll stop at Target for bread…and cheese…and toilet paper…and peanut butter…and pens…and socks…and detergent.

When she gets in the car she’ll realize that the kids come home in 15 minutes.

http://beyondessential.com/sleep-insomnia-apnea-snoring/So she’ll want to take a moment to recoup before they’re home.

And chances are, if you give a mom a moment, she’ll want a cup of coffee to go with it.


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exhausted mom photo credit


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