A Simple Fall Craft That’s Gift Worthy

Each new season awakens my need for change and an urge to be crafty.  This is a problem.  Martha Stewart I’m not.   Quite honestly, I prefer the idea of creating projects more than doing them.  By the time I’ve run around looking for supplies, searched for random “necessities,” and cleared a working space, my enthusiasm has crashed.  Even rearraging the furniture seems like less of a hassle than dragging seasonal decorations up from the basement.

But, this crafty project is right up my alley…no glue gun, no sewing, no venturing to 5 different stores to find a whatchamacalit that I’ve never heard of.

http://www.rachaelraymag.com/fun-how-to/mothers-day-tea-towels/In fact, you can probably find the  majority of supplies right in your kitchen. Yep, delicious fall produce also makes gorgeous art.

Artichokes, apples, radishes, eggplant, pears…all transform tea towels, bags and notecards into fun projects that are gift worthy.

Create a set of harvest cards for teachers. Stamp tea towels to wrap baked treats for neighbors.

https://www.facebook.com/globpaints/photos/pb.202753455814.-2207520000.1412342323./10152763120155815/?type=3&theaterYou can also keep mess to a minimum by using Glob Botanical Paint pigments.

Made from fruits, vegetables, spices, and organic extracts, Glob paint pigments aren’t only gorgeous colors, they smell fantastic too. And, since they’re powdered pigments, you just add water to create the amount needed. No waste, no dried out bottles, no mess.

A quick, fun, gift worthy project even for those of us a bit craft challenged!

Dish towel photo credit: Rachael Ray Magazine



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