If/Then: Idina Menzel and a bucket list

Long before “Let It Go” from Frozen became an international hit, I was singing along (loudly in my car!) with Idina Menzel to Rent. When my daughter was little, she belted along with me & Idina “Defying Gravity” and Wicked. Yes, I am a musical theatre junkie. And, seeing Idina Menzel perform has been on my bucket list since the late ’90’s.

if thenOn a girls’ NYC trip last weekend I finally put the checkmark by #3 on my bucket list when we saw her in If/Then (bonus: Anthony Rapp from Rent also starred!).

While I wish my daughter would have been with me to hear Idina Menzel sing, the story is more for adults. The premise: she’s turning 40 and If/The runs parallel stories of two paths her life may have taken- career or family.

Though there are some hilarious moments…I sobbed. Like, ugly cry. Like wiping tears & snot on your dress cry.

I cried for the story.  I cried for the power of her voice.  I cried because I’m 42 and -like many women- my life has been a series of if/then.

There is truth behind the notion that our lives can venture down a different path because of chance moments: a phone call, a random encounter, a missed flight can take our life in a whole different direction.

Sometimes we can look back and pinpoint the moment our path veered: turning down a late-night knock on the door asking to come now to New York, or saying yes to meeting for a second drink simply because he looked back and winked.  And sometimes we never know which moments led us to where we are today.

if thenI met all of the women I was with on this trip as an adult.  Ironically, though, as we told countless stories over the weekend there were many times we were in the same place, seemingly at the same time.  Sometimes I wish there were life videos where you could look back and see when your path unknowingly already crossed with someone you weren’t ready to meet.

If/Then isn’t about regret.  Our choices, our circumstances, our random events all brought us where we are today.  As Liz/Beth says in the show,

“We can leave life for tomorrow,  Or grieve all that we thought we’d do, Or make each moment new.”

Would you really change your path? Life seems to go full circle anyway. And If you’re constantly questioning your past decisions, Then what are you missing today?


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