6 Made in the USA products to heal dry skin

Cold temperatures are setting in quickly, not to mention cold and flu season. Between frequent hand washing and wind-chills, chapped dry skin seems to come with the territory.  Not anymore!  These six products will help heal dry skin, and help prevent it from happening again.

awake oilGreen Envee Organics Body Oil. Hold on! Don’t let the name “body oil” worry you. This is not a greasy, oily, wait 25 minutes to get dressed product. Green Envee Organics body oils are handcrafted to soothe damaged skin with a nutrient-rich blend of seed oils and organic essential oils.

Apply after you’ve dried off from your morning shower, and your skin will still feel moisturized at night when you’re ready for bed.

bye bye dryBye Bye Dry Balm. Skin cracks, windburn, scaly heels? Stop these painful skin irritations in their tracks. Bye Bye Dry balm eases these ailments as well as eczema, psoriasis, diaper rash, chafing, and sore cuticles.

Bye Bye Dry is on sale, so pick up a few for your bedside table, desk, car, and gym bag.

lotionGreen Envee Organics Body Lotion. Frequently hand washing can easily lead to dry, chapped hands. Keeping a bottle of lotion near the bathroom and kitchen sink will help your hands from becoming dry, red, and sore.

Choose from six organic essential oil blends: Orange & Litsea, French Lavender & Chamomile, Sri Lankan Lemongrass, Egyptian Myrrh & Sandalwood, Orange & Patchouli, and Rosemary & Peppermint. Looking for unscented or nut-free lotion? Try the children’s nut-free skin care line.

sweet orange soapGretta’s Goats Soap. Goat’s milk soap is naturally nutrient-rich and moisturizing. To create a soap even better for you, Gretta’s artisan soaps are crafted in small batches with hand-milked goats milk, organic herbs, pure essential oils, and sustainable ingredients. Never synthetic fragrances or artificial colors.

Trying to eliminate dry skin? Try the coffee, chai tea, or oatmeal for natural exfoliating. Lavender, Lemon Basil, Sweet Orange, and Almond are ideal even for sensitive skin or as a shaving bar. Can’t decide? Try the sample bar gift set!

image5 Elements Skin Care: Water. Help nourish dry, flaky skin while you sleep. Based on the 5 elements theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this moisturizer is specifically created for dry & mature skin types to provide intense hydration for tight skin, replenish vital nutrients, and reduce fine lines & wrinkles.

As your body works to repair itself while you sleep, homeopathic Water Element Restore Facial Moisturizer works to replenish your skin’s moisture level and elasticity.

eclipseVapur Eclipse. One of the best ways to ensure your skin stays hydrated is to drink plenty of water. Not always an easy task, though, when you’re constantly on the go. The 1L. Vapur is a great reminder to drink enough water because it’s so easy to carry with you. Clip to your tote, backpack, or gym bag and you’ll never find yourself without quick access to hydration.

In addition to convenience, the new matte finish Vapur Eclipse doesn’t sweat! Freeze it or fill it up with ice, and you won’t have to worry about condensation (even when warmer temperatures return!).


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