5 Best Hostess Gifts Everyone Will Love: plus 1 great bonus

Holiday season is upon us and you know what that means, countless parties. Whether the get-together is planned or impromptu, you still don’t want to show up empty-handed. But, waiting until the last-minute can leave you with supermarket flowers or drug-store chocolates. Save yourself unnecessary stress and stock up on these great hostess gifts- perfect for men and women.

sprout1. Sprout Bottles 4-Pack Garden Kit. Carry it into the party like a four-pack of favorite beer, but it’s really an organic herb garden. Once the herbs have outgrown the recycled beer bottle containers, simply run the bottles through the dishwasher and they’ll have 4 new drinking glasses!

Buy Sprout bottles here.

salut tote2. Salute Wine Tote. Even if your taste in wine isn’t stellar, this recycled canvas wine tote will be a big hit! They’ll think of you throughout the year when its reused for picnics and outdoor concerts. Salute!

Buy Salute wine tote here.

gretta set3. Gretta’s Goats Soap Gift Set. No need to guess their favorite scent, they’re sure to find four new favorites with these handcrafted soaps. Yes, they’re really made by Gretta on her own organic farm with goat’s milk (from her own goats) organic herbs, pure essential oils, and sustainable ingredients.

Buy Gretta’s Goats soaps here.

myvaz4. MyVaz Collapsible Vase. Flowers are always appreciated. Searching for a vase mid-party is not. MyVaz vases are easy to store in your car, desk, or drawer so they’re ready whenever you find the perfect bouquet. While they’re sturdy like glass, they’re actually made from recycled plastic. The host will also appreciate that these fold flat for easy storage, no shelf space required. 12 designs available.

Buy MyVaz here.

gift set5. Organic Soap & Lotion Gift Set. Frequent hand washing can easily cause hands to dry out. Keep skin moisturized with this organic (and gluten-free) gift set. Six pure essential oil scents to choose from: Sri Lankan Lemongrass, Brazilian Orange & Litsea, Tunisian Rosemary & Peppermint, Egyptian Myrrh & Sandalwood, Indonesian Patchouli & Orange, and French Lavender & Chamomile.

Buy Soap/Lotion Gift Set here.

bio pakBonus: Bio Pak. Hosting the party yourself? If you love sending home leftovers with your guests, but hate that your containers aren’t returned, pick up these Bio Pak recycled containers instead. Approved by the Green Restaurant Association, these boxes are 100% recycled and recyclable. At under a buck, it’s ok when they don’t make their way back to you.

Buy Bio Pak here.


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