7 Ingenious Recycling Ideas

Saturday, November 15th, is America Recycles Day.  Designed to “Keep America Beautiful,” this day gives us an opportunity to find creative way to reuse everyday objects, or safely recycle them so they don’t end up in landfills.  Some companies have taken recycling to a whole new level…check out these great ideas and learn how you can get involved too.

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Favor-the-Earth/10150101527255241?ref=hl#!/RepurposedMaterials/photos_stream1.  Everything old is new again.  Repurposed Materials– based out of Denver & Chicago- is essentially a refuge for company cast0ffs.  Unwanted pallets, turf, billboards, fishing netting (and so so so much more) become child’s play for other people/companies.

For example, pallets turned into picnic tables.  Gym floors turned into bar tops.  Football turf turned into patio “lawn.”  Awesome right?  Their website lists items available, or test your creativity on their Facebook page when they’re looking for usage ideas!

2.  Jeanette & Greg created their company, Box Play for Kids, to help kids make new toys from everyday objects.  Turn an egg carton into a piano? Why not! Building bowling pins out of cardboard tubes? Sure!  A camera from a mac’n cheese box? Why didn’t I think of that!box play

Using 100% recycled paper stickers, Box Play for Kids helps kids recycle household items into fun new toys.  Click here for more sticker options or to buy.

http://www.supercompressor.com/gear/things-you-didn-t-know-about-levi-s-interesting-facts-about-american-denim-supercompressor-com3. Denim is the new pink. You know the pink insulation most of us have between our walls? The one that comes with warnings to wear a mask while working with it? Some major smarty pants have figured out how to turn your pants- well jeans- into insulation!

So, all of those old jeans taking up space in your closet, the ones too ripped to donate? Now you can still donate them, but this time to help insulate homes. Check out Blue Jeans Go Green for store locations that accept donations, or for a shipping label to mail them direct.

pop can4. “Love your necklace.” “Thanks, it’s an old pop can!” “Cool…wait…what?!”You heard correctly. Jazzy Pop-Can turns cans into awesome key chains, zipper pulls, earrings, and necklaces.

You don’t have to worry about sharp edges, these are all hand smoothed. Choose from your favorite brand, team, color, or shape.  Click here to see more or to buy.

earth5. These sisters wrote the book on recycling. Literally. The Earth, The Alphabet, and Me offers kids 26 ways, from A-Z, to help our planet.

As they work their way through the books, kids will enjoy fun activities, helpful tips, and realization that even though kids are small, they can make a big difference to our environment.

https://www.facebook.com/RandomActsOfArt/photos/a.112704854619.100312.35001499619/10152604652949620/?type=1&theater6. Co-workers pop habit make you crazy? Put those bottles to creative use like they did at Random Acts of Art.

Can you outdo their 8’8″ creation?!  Theirs is made from Sprite & Mountain Dew bottles.

sock-cessories7. What do you do with overflowing drawers of hockey gear? If you’re the creative geniuses behind Sock-cessories you turn them into awesome bags, hats, mitts, and aprons!

Looking for specific team colors? Not a problem. Everything is customizable too; so if you’re looking for a cool repurpose to a closet full of in-house or camp jerseys, we’ll turn them into an apron, bag liner, or drawstring backpack!  Click here to see more or to buy.

Insulation photo credit.


One response to “7 Ingenious Recycling Ideas

  1. Hey Stefanie-

    Thank you so much for the awesome PR!

    Love the items you find – so very fun and interessting!!

    Wow on the jeans insulation – amazing!


    Jazzy Steel President POP CAN JEWELRY, INC. jazzy@popcanjewelry.com http://www.popcanjewelry.com

    Office: (630) 554-8434 Fax: (630) 423-9559 Cell: (630) 277-0441

    Cleaning up America, one pop can at a time. Hand-made in the USA, to help support our economy.

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