You’re not good enough

We would never say it to our children, our co-workers, or our significant others.  Yet, we manage to send the message to ourselves everyday.  The subtle “if only” phrases we repeat or the heavy sigh when we step on the scale all mean the same thing…I’m not good enough.

coloradoLately I’ve been doing a bit of soul-searching.  Some people go the ocean to recharge, I find my peace in the mountains…which is rather unfortunate since I live in flat Illinois.  Except this year I was thrilled to spend a long weekend in Colorado for my sister’s birthday. Four days, ten women. There was plenty of stories, tear-jerking laughs, and incredible food (seriously, The Kitchen may have been the best dinner I’ve ever had). Not to mention quality time with my sister and mom.

Maybe it was the thinner air, but my thoughts seemed clearer on the mountain. Sometimes we need to step away from our daily routine- and all of the comfortable chaos with it- to reestablish our priorities and reignite our passions.

It’s easy to take the little things in life for granted. But really, aren’t they the most important? Especially this time of the year, we try to teach our kids that happiness isn’t found wrapped up under the tree. And, we want them to understand is gratitude.

Saying you feel good enough doesn’t diminish the desire to want to improve yourself…it just shifts the reason why. Are you eating healthy because you have more energy, or because a magazine photo says you should?  Are you staying up until midnight finishing a Pinterest worthy craft because it brings you joy, or because you’re worried another mom will do something more elaborate?

balanceWhen we remember gratitude, we find peace.  Silencing the negative voices inside your head, leaves room for passion and perspective to come alive.

Life is more than a number on a scale or magazine-ready decor.

It’s balance. It’s acceptance. It’s gratitude.


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