Best Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Believe it or not, Christmas is two weeks from today.  There’s no need to stress, though, we’ll help you find gifts for everyone on your list.  We’ll even gift wrap too!  That gives you more time to spend enjoying the season than stressing through it.

on the go For those on the go: (1) ChicoBag Reusable Sling Bag $10.95 (2) Aromatherapy Essential Oil Mist  $15.00 (3) Baby Buddha Bowl $24.95



artist For the artist: (1) Alpino Sustainable Color Pencils Glob $6.50 (2) Glob Botanical Paints $17.95 (3) Calafant Recycled Cardboard House on sale $19.95 (4) Cupcake Crayons $5.25/set of 4



yogiFor the yogi or sports enthusiast: (1) Recycled Hockey Bag $30.00 (2) 1L. Vapur Eclipse $13.99 (3) Recycled Hockey Scarf and Mitts $45/set (4) Chakra Essential Oil Spray $15.00 (5) Vintage Trading Card Notepads $2.50 (6) .5L Vapur Sunset on sale $7.00 (7) Recycled Pop Can Charm $5.00


chefFor the chef: (1) Mango Wood Bowl/Spoon $29.95 (2) Wooden PieBox $38.95 (3) Mango Wood Platter or Bowl $59.95 (4) Reclaimed Wood Spice Box $24.95



new momFor the new mom: (1) Baby Buddha Bowl  $24.95 (2) Green Envee Organics Nut-Free Wash, Lotion, and Bottom Balm $14.00-$49.95 (3) Organic Cotton Crocheted Blanket $50.00



green gift clubFor the person who has everything: Ultimate Green Gift Sets! $19.95-$240.00


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