Best Resolution for 2015: Who’s up for the challenge

I know.  We aren’t even to Christmas yet and I’m already talking about resolutions.  Part of me is ready to put 2014 to bed and move on, and part of me loved this story and thought it would make a great challenge. So, as you’re thinking about plans for the new year: organization (for real this time!), exercise, and patience, I’m challenging you to this…drink more water.

Why? The majority of us live in a state of chronic dehydration (yes, even if you don’t “feel thirsty”). Dehydration means those nagging chronic issues of fatigue, joint pain, blotchy skin, headaches, incessent hunger, allergies, and dry skin, may be alleviated with proper hydration. much water are we talking about?  We often hear the daily recommendation of 8 glasses, or 64 oz. Since every body is different, I prefer what I learned studying nutrition… half your weight in ounces.  150 lbs = 75 oz.   This makes it a little easier to figure out if your kids are getting enough water too.

Now, I’m not a doctor, but there are plenty of them who do recommend drinking more water for preventative health.  And, a 42 year old mom from the UK, Sarah Smith, decided to heed her doctor’s advice to increase water intake and documented her results.  Curious if water would truly relieve her headaches, indigestion, and poor digestion, Ms. Smith recorded her weekly changes.

Note- the only thing she changed for one month was adding approximately 1 gallon of water to her daily diet. results? Decrease in headaches (noticed almost immediately), less joint pain, improved bowel function, improved skin quality, absence of cellulite, flatter stomach, and a decrease in appetite- “Research has shown that 37 per cent of people actually mistake thirst signals for hunger signals.”  Read More Results Here.

Is dehydration causing your symtoms? I don’t know, but it’s definitely not doing any favors for your body.

So, who’s up for the challenge?

Take a photo on January 1st an another on February 1st. What changes did you experience, do you see, and do others notice? I’m game.

If you’re going to drink upwards of 60-80 oz of water, it’s essential to have it with you. Keep a cup in your car, at your desk, and in your bedroom. The .5L and 1L Vapur anti-bottles are collapsible and dishwasher safe so they’re perfect for on the go.

Not thrilled with the taste of plain water? Add a slice of orange, cucumber, or a strawberry to your glass for truly natural flavor.

Water Glass photo credit
Sarah Smith photo credit.
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5 responses to “Best Resolution for 2015: Who’s up for the challenge

  1. Wow! Very enlightening. Great article. I have to drink more water, for sure. I’m game, too.


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