Post holiday decompressing

Nothing whips up a choatic frenzy quite like the holidays. After the shopping, the cooking, and a houseful of family, we could almost use an extra week to get life back in order. Unfortunately, the office didn’t get that memo.

imageThough we’d be quite content snuggled on the couch with coffee and a book, real life beckons.

Grounding essential oils are a great way to restore calm and order.

zen mistTry the Zen combination of earthy Egyptian Myrrh and Sandalwood organic essential oils. Use the aromamist to spray on your pillow, in your room, or on yourself. Also available in body lotion, body oil, and pure essential oil blend to use with a diffuser.

Traveling, family, and winter illnesses leaving you emotionally and physically drained? Find relief with Chakra oils. These organic essential oils are specifically blended to help restore balance for your physical and emotional symptoms.2nd chakra

Sore throat, difficulty communicating your thoughts, feeling disorganized? Try Throat (5th) Chakra Essential Oil Blend.
Weakened immunity, mild depression, lack of energy? Try Root (1st) Chakra Essential Oil Blend.

vaporizorWinter colds and flu plaguing your home? The AromaVaporizer diffuses essential oils (Tunisian Rosemary & Peppermint for congestion) into your room. Automatically shuts off and weighs less than a pound for convenient portability.

Don’t let holiday chaos follow you into the New Year. Find your balance and restore calm to your home.


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