Giving Back in 2015

There are only a few short hours left in 2014, and I am ready for a New Year!  Whether you make resolutions or not, January 1 still feels like a blank journal to create a new adventure. What an adventure, though, it has already been. As part of our New Year’s resolutions, we’re committed to giving back. Whether it’s a free gift to you to share with a friend, or a donation to a charitable organization, each month there will be something to share.

Really, isn’t that more fun anyway? Why give up sweets, when you can share a treat with someone!

We are truly a world-wide community.  We can look at our phones and see what’s happening half-way around the world.  Take some time this year, though, to set down the phone and see what’s happening next door.  Disconnect for a bit so you can reconnect with those close to you.

green in 20152015 resolution to declutter?  Living simply helps make life less chaotic for sure.  We’re often swept into daily routines that leave us simply living though.  Step outside your detailed agenda this year and create time to breathe.  Make room for play, for excitement, for daring to be.

Many of you have voiced a commitment to join us on our 30 day (365 day?!) water challenge. Of course, every challenge is more fun when you can share it with a friend. And, since you’ll need to keep track of your water progress, during the month of January we’ll add a free .5L or 1L Vapur Anti-Bottle with each Vapur you purchase (coupon code: GIVEBACKJ15).

Have a safe and happy 2015!


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