Why feeling unbalanced is okay

There’s something to be said for organization. A place for everything, and everything in its place sounds fabulous: no frantic digging for important papers, needed receipts are at your fingertips, and glass jars are filled with pantry staples.  Most of us, though, are juggling several balls and wearing multiple hats that those seemingly endless piles of paperwork remain endless.  And really, that’s ok.

Life is like a four-seated teeter-totter.  It’s a constant balance contest between family, work, home, and fun.

http://uproxx.com/sports/2012/09/sports-on-tv-the-brady-bunchs-20-greatest-sports-moments/Too much in one area and the ride crashes you painfully on your butt.  Perfectly balanced in the middle may be fun for a minute or two, but it gets rather dull.  Even Bobby and Cindy were lulled to a comfortable sleep after finding their rhythm for a few hours.

Really, balance is about ebb and flow.

A perfectly still pond is just a stagnate mosquito cesspool.

Balance isn’t about devoting equal time to every aspect of our lives. Sure, we can try, but life will ultimately crash us to our butts and laugh…”thought you had it all figured out, huh?!”

Balance is more about becoming comfortable with the rhythmic up and down of “off-balance.” For some people, it’s a daily give and take. For others, weekly, monthly, or even yearly may be the norm when work projects, kids, or illnesses take over the reigns.

http://www.atticmag.com/2011/01/pantry-pride/Unfortunately, a balanced life can’t be pictured in a Pottery Barn catalog.

“I’ll tackle my clutter, but only after I’ve read more books, called more friends and gotten more exercise and played more games of Spoons with my family.”
-Heidi Stevens, Chicago Tribune

Someday I will have a barn door pantry. And someday I will have all of my photos organized. But that day is not today, and that is ok.

imageBecause today, I’ll skip that pile of paperwork so I can concentrate on this view instead. Knowing that in a few short years, this ride of life will again teeter in a different direction.

Brady Bunch photo credit
Barn Door Pantry photo credit


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