Valentine’s Day Card Craft: perfect classroom party activity

Planning the classroom Valentine party? Looking for a fun craft your kids can make for friends or  loved ones?  You’ll find everything you need to create 25 original Valentine cards in this crafty box.

valentine Not only is this homemade card kit crafty, it’s eco-friendly too.

Each box contains everything you need to make 25 sustainable cards: 6 colorful pieces of Fair Trade grass & hemp paper, 6 sheets groundwood construction paper (white, pink, red) imprinted with decorative designs, 25 blank 4″ x 5″ banana paper cards, 1 Coccoina eco-friendly almond-based glue stick, 1 heart-shaped two-toned recycled crayon, and 1 recycled paper cigar-style box: 8″ x 5″ x 3″ (paper punch and scissors not included).

Divide the contents between students for a unique, eco-friendly classroom craft, or create Valentine’s at home to share with friends.

You can find the Valentine Card Kit here.


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