Help falling asleep…and sleeping during the night

I find it ironic that kids fight going to bed tooth and nail, while many of us would gladly welcome getting sent to bed early.  By the time our head finally hits the pillow, we either fall into an exhausted sleep or the wheels start to spin: endless mind chatter of what needs to be done or what could have been done differently.  Of course, there’s also the inexplicable hours wide awake when we should be deep in REM. a glass of wine may seem logical to help unwind from the day, it doesn’t do any favors for our quality of sleep.

Catching up on emails or playing one more round of Trivia Crack at bedtime isn’t the solution either.

Instead, many are turning to the ancient remedies of essential oils- particularly lavender and chamomile.  Both essential oils are known for a variety of beneficial effects: reducing stress, calming tense muscles, relaxing the nerves, and aiding in rest.

How do you use essential oils for sleeping? Candles are one option, albeit a dangerous one. Too often, synthetic fragrance is used instead of pure organic essential oils, and there’s always the concern of fire.

Try these three ideas instead.

vaporizor1- AromaMist Diffuser. Simply add a 1/2 cup of tap water to the diffuser, add 3-4 drops of organic essential oil, and turn on. This diffuser doesn’t heat so the quality of the oil isn’t compromised. And, it automatically shuts off when the water runs low. At one pound it’s easy to transfer to any room or take with you when travelling.

relax2- Essential Oil Mist.  This convenient mister lets you easily carry organic essential oils wherever you go. Since inhaling the scent of essential oil is the fastest path to the limbic system and physiological relaxation response, these portable sprays are perfect for the car, office, or your yoga mat. At bedtime, spray RELAX onto yourself, your pillow/sheets, or into your bedroom.

body oil- lavender3- Finding your calm in a warm bath? Add a few drops of organic essential oil directly to the tub. After drying off, moisturize with French Lavender & Chamomile Rejeuvinating organic body oil.
In addition to reducing anxiety, calming the body, and improving quality of sleep, lavender and chamomile are beneficial for healing the skin and preventing scarring, as well as easing the pain of chapped, dry, or burned skin.  Your skin will also benefit from the Organic Evening Primrose (rich in GLA), Organic Sea Buckthorn (27 trace minerals & antioxidants), and jojoba oil which closely mimics the body’s natural sebum so you feel moisturized, not greasy.

Chronic sleep irregularity, nightmares, or anxiety?  Check out the specially blended 3rd Eye Chakra Oil.

Don’t spend the weekend trying to catch up on sleep, make a good night’s sleep a nightly event.

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