Why I’ll be wearing kicky boots at 60…

Last night a friend and I joked on the phone about the time and money we spend on our kids’ sports.  Family vacations built into tournament schedules and extra cups of coffee for early morning practices.  We weren’t complaining, we really do enjoy it: friendships that develop (between the kids and the parents), exploring different towns, and priceless conversations while driving to practices.

eduled to efully your postal system won't be stuck in the snow.   Thank you again for your purchase, we added a little something to your order for your patience while your baWhat we were missing, though, were some cool boots.

Really, just some fun- maybe slightly trendy- clothes.

Bleachers aren’t great for skirts.  Ice rinks aren’t meant for 4″ heels.

Of course, even if we were to put practicality aside, our wardrobe wishes remain on the shelf because…

“my cleats are too small”
“my hockey stick broke”
“my elbow pads ripped”
“coach just added another tournament, cool right?!”


So, we declared we’re wearing everything we want when we’re 60. No short skirts after 30? Ha! I’ve been buried for years under layers at the rink.

No white after Labor Day? Forget it! I skip white all summer at dusty baseball fields.

Kids will be on their own- and paying for their own sports- and I’m buying my boots.

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2422328/The-80-year-olds-wearing-Doc-Martens-mini-skirts-Worlds-glamorous-pensioners-unveiled-new-documentary.htmlSo, when you see an older woman wearing clothes that may not seem “age appropriate,” just smile, nod, and realize her kids are finally out of organized sports.

Need a little sanity boost until you get to that point? Check out the Hockey Mom’s Prayer

Rockin’ grandma photo credit


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