Water Challenge Results

At the beginning of the year I presented a challenge: drink the recommended daily amount of water.  I was inspired by United Kingdom’s Karen Smith’s results and wanted to see what effects I would notice.  Like many people, I assumed I already drink an adequate amount of water.  Yeah, I was wrong.

Even though I’m often refilling my water-glass throughout the day, it’s not nearly the same as trying to finish a specific number of ounces.

http://www.momables.com/how-to-make-aguas-frescas-fresh-fruit-water/Side Note: If you ever set a goal to drink less coffee, or quit drinking pop…here’s a tip. Change your goal to drink more water-drinking anything else is automatically reduced!

On January 1st I noted that my skin felt tight, finger joints were stiff, and my eyes looked very tired.  I also noticed redness around my nose.

*I don’t have any serious health issues, so I wasn’t monitoring my blood pressure,  heart rate, or sugar.   

Within the first week I felt a huge surge in energy.  I woke feeling more rested, yet didn’t feel as exhausted at the end of the day.  I was also amazed that my normally terrible menstrual cramps were almost non-existent.

http://www.antiquefarmhouse.com/past/industrial14/water-carafe.htmlAfter the first week I didn’t particularly notice any significant changes, until around week 3 when I started slacking a bit.  There were a couple of days where I know I didn’t drink nearly half the water I had been consuming, and the effects were almost immediate: headaches, my fingers were stiff, and I couldn’t stay focused.

Definitely encouragement to keep drinking water.

By the end of the month the redness around my nose was gone.  My skin looked better with (and without) makeup.  And, I’ve changed my habit of first reaching for ibprofin when I have a headache, and instead I reach first for a glass of water.

So, did you try the challenge?  Afraid to try because you think you’ll be in the bathroom all day?  Surprisingly you won’t be.  Your bladder can hold about 16oz, and “holding it” all day at work or school isn’t a good idea anyway.

To those of you who did increase your water intake…what did you notice?

fruit water photo credit
water carafe photo credit


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