What does nut milk taste like: the results are in…

It wasn’t long ago that a visit to the dairy case offered 3 choices: skim, 2%, and whole milk.  If you were lucky, chocolate milk may have been available too.  Now, though, the options are endless: dairy, soy, almond, cashew, coconut, and hemp line the shelves.  Packaging sizes, however, are limited.  And, it can be tough paying $4-$5 without knowing how it’ll taste.

nut milk2So, I tried a few of them for you. The results were interesting.

We are generally a two “milk” household. My son and I drink organic 1% (a recent switch after a decade or two of skim) and my daughter drinks almond milk (prefers the taste).  Always organic half & half with my coffee.

I didn’t try these dairy substitutes due to any sort of allergy or dietary intolerance.  But I had three criteria I was testing…

1- How did it taste in coffee
2- How did it taste on its own
3- How did it taste on cereal

How did they rank with my morning cup of joe?
(For comparison measures I substituted 1 Tbsp. of each beverage for my 1/2 and 1/2 and I added the same tsp of raw sugar that I normally would.)

coffee on left has 1 tbsp half/half, coffee on right has 1 tbsp almond milk

coffee on left has 1 tbsp half/half, coffee on right has 1 tbsp almond milk

Unsweetened Original Almond Milk w/coffee: flavor wasn’t as rich, but still good. The color wasn’t as creamy, so if you judge how much cream to use based on the color of your coffee, this won’t work.

Unsweetened Cashew Milk w/coffee: very similar to almond milk in both flavor and color.  If I had to choose one, though, I’d go with the almond milk.

Vanilla Hemp Milk w/coffee: forget it! Although the flavor isn’t bad, they don’t mix well (think oil and water)- not how I would want to start my morning.

Winner: Unsweetened Original Almond Milk

I rarely drink a plain glass of milk: cereal & smoothies are about my extent for “dairy”.

almond milk glassUnsweetened Original Almond Milk: I was pleasantly surprised with the taste.  It wouldn’t be my go-to drink, but would be delicious in a smoothie, and I could definitely drink a small glass on its own.

Unsweetened Cashew Milk: Although visually similar to almond milk, the taste was off.  The package claims “creamier” than skim milk, but it tasted more like water that had a handful of cashews soaking in it overnight.

Vanilla Hemp Milk: Definitely the “nuttiest” flavor of the bunch.  If it were ice-cold I would drink it plain, but would absolutely use it in a smoothie.

*note: I didn’t try coconut milk but once warmer weather hits it may be my choice for summer smoothies & frozen concoctions (yes, adult beverages too!).

Winner: Unsweetened Original Almond Milk

I am a cereal junkie.  It is my go-to late night snack, and would happily eat it for dinner if I didn’t have the rest of my family to feed too! For this taste test I used Cascadian Farms Raisin Bran.

http://yumuniverse.com/gluten-free-dairy-free-breakfast-roundup/Unsweetened Original Almond Milk w/cereal: not much flavor difference between this and skim or 1% milk.  If I didn’t know it was almond milk, I probably wouldn’t have noticed a difference.

Unsweetened Cashew Milk w/cereal: Again, the watery flavor came through. I actually added a bit of 1% milk to finish eating the cereal.

Vanilla Hemp Milk: This is where the nutty flavor truly fits.  Also delicious in oatmeal.

Winner: Vanilla Hemp Milk

Although I wasn’t looking at this for “cutting calories”, but if you are, save a few calories with these nut milks and skip the  diet pop.

No, none of the nut milks or cereal companies endorsed my reviews. These just happened to be the brands available at my local store. 

cereal photo credit


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  1. Very interesting and something I have been wondering about. Awesome analysis and testing! Thank you for the great info.


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