15 ways to conserve water

You don’t have to live in California to understand the importance of conserving water.  Many towns enforce lawn watering regulations, but little guidance is given for reducing day to day water consumption.  Some of these simple tips make saving gallons of water a breeze- without changing your lifestyle.

1. Half-filled glasses of water sitting around the house? Don’t dump them down the drain, use the water for indoor/outdoor plants.

2. Take your car to the car wash instead of doing it yourself in the driveway. *I know this one seems wrong, but commercial car washes have mandated systems for conserving and recycling water. They also have regulated treatments for preventing soap and chemicals from polluting sewer systems.

3. Instead of running water while you shave, partially fill the sink and rinse your razor in the collected water.

4. Use the dishwasher instead of hand-washing, be sure to run a full machine or adjust the setting to a smaller cycle (same goes for laundry too!).

5. Shorten your shower. Save 2.5-5 gallons of water per minute!

http://www.flowerpotheaven.com/wooden-oak-barrels.htm6. Collect rain water in a decorative rain barrel and use the water for outdoor plants and gardens.

7. Time for a new toilet? Consider a dual flush system.

8. Reuse your towels at home and on vacation.

9. Limit water refills at restaurants unless you’re going to finish the glass.

10. Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth (save 4-5 gallons of water).

11. Use a broom (instead of a hose) to clean your sidewalk, patio, and driveway.

12. Fix all leaks & drips!

13. Water your lawn/flowers in the early morning or evening when temperatures are cooler than hot afternoons.

http://www.huntingtonbeachca.gov/hbwater/landscape-gardening/water-wise-landscaping.cfm14. Choose flowers, trees, and bushes best suited for your climate and those that require limited water.

15.Time for new appliances? Look for the Energy Star or WaterSense label- they conserve water and energy beyond most standards.

Test your water consumption with the Water Footprint Calculator.

Ready for even more ideas? Check out Water Use It Wisely‘s 100+ ideas!

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